Introduction & Book Review

I live on the Cumbria – Northumberland border in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which is the North Pennines. I enjoy walking my adorable black labrador ‘Puppy’ with my husband. I guess I am a crafter by nature, I’ve always knitted and crocheted and until relatively recently made my own clothes. I love my sewing machine and feel bereft when it’s at the shop being serviced, I can’t imagine a week without sewing. My latest toy is my embellisher (felting) machine which provides endless opportunities for me to reap the rewards of my thrifty nature. I decided to do this B.A. Textiles to further my knowledge on sewing. I didn’t realise (although I should have done) that the degree is about drawing, design and research and thus far, very little sewing. It’s fair to say that I struggled with these concepts and so have stepped aside from the first year degree course A Creative Approach to do the Pre-Degree Textiles course in an attempt to get up to speed. You join me at Assignment 4 of this course.


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